Booking a Planning & Floral Design Company for Your Wedding (5 Advantages)

Booking a Planning & Floral Design Company for Your Wedding (5 Advantages)

When it’s time to sit down and start planning your event, it is important to think about all elements – florals, table settings & decor, music, food & drinks, etc – that you would like to include during your special day. 

As a venue manager for many years in the event industry, I have worked with many companies (or what we call vendors) that provide these elements for all kinds of events. From weddings, to bar and bat mitzvahs, to milestone moments, and to Golf club wine festivals, each event has a lot of moving parts and vendors to coordinate on the day. Organization and creativity is the backbone of a well-executed event, which requires expert planning and full-cooperation on the big day. 

Writing in a Wedding Planner

The synergy between the vision of the event and the execution is at its best when both elements are created by the same team. An event planning company that also specializes in floral design can be a successful choice from the beginning, for these 5 reasons:

1.      One Vision

When planning begins, the first meeting is designed to get to know you, your story, and what the most important details are to you and your significant other. In this meeting, we draw out the juicy details that make your love story one of a kind. As we understand your dream wedding, a vision is created that includes not only a floral look, including colors and textures, but also the hour-by-hour plan designed to walk your guests through this unforgettable day. As the plan is created, a look and feel are embedded in every detail and a plan for execution is built. Executing that vision with the team that designed it will ensure to make your dream wedding a reality.  

Bohemian Beachside Color Palette

2.      Create a Successful Event Plan with Décor in Mind

When you envision your wedding day, you may have every single detail figured out! From the font of the invitations to the color of your bridesmaid’s dresses to the perfectly decorated buttercream flowers on your cake, you have imagined everything. But for those of you who have not even considered your first dance song, we are here to help! As we get to know you, we will create an event plan from start to finish. When these plans are created with certain visual elements in mind from the beginning, the overall event will feel much more cohesive. A great example is having a color palette in use when selecting invitations, welcome signs, place cards, linen, tabletop décor, and flower combinations. While it may not be obvious to your guests when they are enjoying your wedding day, it will leave a lasting impression that says, “That was a beautiful wedding!”

Final Coordination - Flowers

3.      Less Vendors = Less Stress

When we start to plan your day, whether 18 months out or 3 months out, we will help you gather all of the key vendors that will play a vital role in the wedding day. Narrowing this number down makes the planning process much more efficient. When you select an event planner that is also a florist you will have one less company to choose from when selecting your final vendors. This means less research to find this service, one less company to send payments to, and one less company making changes to the event timeline. On the day of the wedding, an efficient team is a smart team! Fewer hiccups mean more enjoyable moments for you, your bridal party, family, and guests. 

Katie & Colin walking in Joshua Tree

4.      Fewer Meetings, Emails, and Phone Calls

We know that a lot of time goes into planning a wedding which can take you away from the fun of being engaged and celebrating with your family and friends. From the beginning, we are a one-stop-shop for all of your event planning and floral design questions that may come up. It’s our duty to get to know you on a deeper level to help tell your story with authenticity. When you work with an event planner that is also your florist, you can eliminate some of those calls, emails, and meetings needed by each vendor. When the table layout changes because a guest is unable to attend, you only have one phone call to make and the layout will be adjusted along with any rental and flower orders. Clear communication makes your special day as smooth as silk.

Melissa Loos - Wedding & Event Planner

5.      One Team for Seamless Execution

When the wedding day arrives it will be busy! When the planning team and the floral team have the same vision, direction, and understanding of the event from the beginning, we can ensure execution will be seamless. The lead event planner will be ready to welcome all vendors as they arrive and ensure the timeline is met. As one member of the planning team assists the vendor’s another member is with the wedding party to make sure everything is running smoothly. Meanwhile, the floral team is busy installing florals and making sure each visual element is according to plan. From the ceremony arch to the tabletops and decor elements, every detail is checked and double-checked for perfection. One comprehensive packet of information provides the answer to all planning and floral questions on event day! This packet consists of floor plans, timelines, vendor contact information, your guests’ allergy details, floral decor descriptions and images and much more. We build all of these details during the planning process so each detail is thorough and helps to tell your story.  

Honey Bear Events is on a mission to deliver a fun-loving and delightful wedding experience for you and your guests. We offer meticulous event planning and floral design services that capture your vision and bring it to life! Our team’s unique combined skills of event planning and floral design can benefit you in more ways than one. We have a thorough understanding of color theory, with an eye for aesthetics and design that can be helpful and efficient throughout the planning process. It is our passion to cultivate and execute your vision with a touch of style and elegance. Your inspirations and preferences spark our creativity to provide you with the wedding event of your dreams. We’re here to do all of the heavy liftings, so you can sit back and truly experience the celebration of your perfect day. 

Let’s chat! We would love to get to know more about you and your story!

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