Event Planning Trends to Watch Out For in 2021

Event Planning Trends to Watch Out For in 2021

A wedding and event planner’s most important and treasured list is their vendor list. Over years of working in the industry, event planners engage and work with all kinds of vendors from all walks of life. The relationship between a planner and a vendor is sacred and when paired up perfectly, can make magic for your event. Even a “simple” event can have a long list of vendors, including – DJ, photographer, band, décor rentals, caterer, other décor rentals, bakery, lighting, even more décor rentals, stationery…you get the picture. 

As the event planning unfolds and we learn more about the vision you hope to achieve for your event, it is imperative that we articulate your vision perfectly to each vendor. The result? Quite literally, the wedding of your dreams. 

As we collaborate with our vendors, we learn about each other and find out ways to make you and our vendors shine! Each vendor has something special to bring to the table and we are here to make sure these talents are incorporated to add sparkle and pizazz at each and every event.

Make a Statement with Flowers

Honey Bear Events floral team works alongside the planning team to understand our clients’ visions and bring them to life. After we get to know more about your dream wedding or event, we hit the drawing board and visually conceptualize the entire look and feel. A mood board helps us to communicate the look our clients are hoping for that include linen swatches, sketches, floral examples and much more. We want to make sure your event is Instagram-worthy so we will bring in floral trends and color palettes that are ultimate show stoppers. 

Some of our favorite floral trends for 2021 have been making headway in our designs.

Added Texture

Dried flowers are all the rage and they keep getting better! Simple greenery is bleached and preserved to create a rough, bright white and structured feel to some of the softest floral designs. Adding in some pampas grass can bring in drama and some boho vibes. Our bridal bouquets have been seen with some bunny tails of all colors lately and we love it!

Ground Installations

Creative locations for your ceremony often include a beautiful backdrop, especially when outdoors. Don’t hide that gorgeous view! We want to showcase the beautiful couple surrounded by luxurious flowers and enhance the backdrop with a ground installation. This look creates a full and lush garden whether on a mountain top, as you walk down a cascading staircase or even alongside the aisle inside a beautiful building.

Boat with Floral Decoration

Tablescapes that Transcend

The round table for your guests at the reception has been less and less popular. We are seeing a lot of long, bare tables for your guests to enjoy conversation among a sea of beautiful flowers and candlelight. This look can create drama with flower arrangements placed at various heights down the center of the table. Gold, clear, or metal risers elevate the flowers above your guest’s line of site so they can see across while smaller flowers fill the table below. Candles, bud vases, and other accent pieces are nestled in to create that abundant look.

When searching for the perfect floral designs for your wedding or event, it is important to do your homework. This homework should be fun and feel more like Spring Break versus the first day of school. Get your creative juices flowing with your partner, best friend or favorite vino! Create a Pinterest page with wedding or event flowers that coincide with your dream wedding and be sure to keep the images consistent in terms of overall feel. 

Couple on Boat in Orange County CA

The color palette is an important piece so take into account your dress, your wedding party’s attire and most importantly, the Venue! When you have some florists in mind, book a consultation and share your ideas with an open mind. Your florist will be able to suggest seasonal blooms that are most cost effective, color palettes that are esthetically pleasing and suggest some new trends that have been getting a lot of attention. Images of the venue are extremely helpful and will help the florist provide you with an accurate quote. Happy shopping!

Honey Bear Events 

The DJ Will Make it a Memorable Evening

Second Song has been creating unforgettable moments and encouraging dance moves all over Southern California and beyond. Rob Corrall created this company with a vision to create lasting memories. The ideal evening is “When the music is perfect and every song is better than the last”. Rob’s team makes it personal and working with him and his team is a breeze. “We get to know our couples and plan the experience that’s right for them; we also respond to what the party needs, helping to set the perfect tone for the perfect moment.”

I always learn something new when working with Second Song. I reached out to them to find out what 2021 has in store for us! “The most popular trend we are starting to see is couples being keen to add live music alongside their DJ. So instead of just the DJ for the dance party, couples are looking to add a Sax, or percussion, or an Electric Violin as a fun surprise for their guests.” Rob and his team have paired up some amazing talent for my clients and always know how to capture the right sound. Their wide range of entertainment talent can create a really unique experience!

Don’t wait to book your DJ! This talent is a crucial element to the evening and the good ones can book up fast. Rob let us know that “The majority of our bookings happen from about 18-12 months before the date.” Second Song knows the chore of searching for and selecting your DJ and Emcee can be tough. They can walk you through questions, suggestions and must-haves for your event to make sure you are making the right decision. Rob explains, “Most couples think the DJ will just be there to get people dancing at the end of the night, but they forget the majority of the time they need help with the sound, music, microphones, and all the MC duties for the whole wedding.” The right sound requires the right set up and it is important to listen to the professionals! 

Second Song

Bride & Groom on the dance floor at wedding

Let’s Get Social with a Booth

The photobooth is a hot spot at any wedding! Groups of friends and family gather around the camera to capture in-the-moment memories of this unforgettable evening. Rob Corrall created Feature Booth to “spoil your guests with the unexpected entertainment of a sophisticated photo booth. It’s a surefire way to make your event one for the history books!” Rob and his team explain, “Together, we will make your event extra special and give you and your guests the chance to share memories that will last forever! Our photo booth will give your party a unique touch and an unforgettable experience!”

Wedding Photo Booth

I asked Rob about some fun things happening in 2021 in the world of photobooths and he told me “The trend we are seeing for 2021 is couples wanting to move away from the cheap props and focus on more unique items that will elevate the photos and the experience. The photo booth has always been fun, but now couples want their guests to leave with a high-quality photo, complimented by unique classy props. When the photos are high quality the prints don’t end up on the fridge for a few days and then in the trash, but they become some of their guest’s favorite photos, posted all over social media, and kept as a long-term reminder of the wedding.” Feature Booth has some amazing state-of-the-art technology which means you can customize your backgrounds, print-on-demand, and more. Animated GIFs, Boomerangs and Slow Motion can all be shared on your guests’ socials. And don’t forget the hashtag!

Before booking your photobooth, Rob tells us to keep this in mind: “Couples should make sure they are getting the best picture quality and working with a company that prioritizes photography and design.” The sooner you book the photobooth the better so you can create a custom design just the way you like it. The majority of Feature Booth’s couples book their photo booth between 6-12 months in advance.

bride with jean jacket


Live Music, Yes Please!  

When you really want to get the crowd on their feet for a night of endless dancing, book a band! A band offers that elevated experience that creates the perfect Father-Daughter dance, gets the party moving and transitions beautifully between stages of the evening. Society Music and Sound (https://thesocietyband.com/) is a collection of highly talented musicians that have been performing all over the US for many years. They are such a dream to work with and make the entertainment planning process fun and enjoyable. Brandi and Jason come together in this dynamic band and guide the evening seamlessly!

Entertainment is becoming more and more important for live events and special occasions. Live music can be enjoyed at any level. Brandi tells us the trend she is seeing for 2021 includes “smaller configurations that still “feel” like a band and not just background music.” Her team can customize your entertainment to reflect your unique style and vision for your event.

The overall feel and vision can be created with some guidance from the pros. Brandi gives us some pointers to consider when you book your band: “Make sure the music reflects your personality, particularly on special songs but also be inclusive of your wide demographic of guests so there is something for everyone. Make sure you discuss special versions for your special dances. Talk about if you would like it to be shortened or extended and/or if you want any adjustments to the style of the performance or if you want it just like the recording. The more information the band has on you and your guests and the types of music you like, the more seamless the event will go. It’s important that the band be sensitive to the musical tastes of the client but also that the client give the band enough room with song selection to ensure a packed dance floor.” When I work with Society Music and Sound and Brandi’s team, I know she is guiding me in the right direction to create that perfect feel that carries through the whole night!

Live wedding band

Society Music and Sound 

Cocktail Lounge, On the Rocks

Ice carvings and sculptures add an unexpected twist to any event and tend to draw a crowd, especially to the bar. Whether you have a seafood bar or an ice luge with your favorite cocktail, these structures can be designed to WOW your guests. Marc Entin with Ice Bulb (http://icebulb.com/) has been designing, constructing and creating amazing works of art with ice for many years. I have had the pleasure of working with him and his talented team on many events and he always comes up with the perfect piece that caters to the theme and encourages guest engagement. Their structures can be massive and Marc’s team builds and sets everything up without a sweat! 

Marc shared with me some fun wedding trends he has coming up for 2021, “Custom ice cubes have been a huge hit and create a big impact for a wedding. Monogram cube or sphere ice for your cocktail is an inexpensive addition but goes a long way. Perfect for that old fashioned! We are currently shipping these all over the country.”

Ice has really made a big impact for corporate events that hope to generate awareness around brands and make a lasting impression. Ice Bulb’s clients have done all kinds of ice installations including full cocktail lounges with ice furniture, robust ice bars with chilled libations, and my favorite, ice chandeliers! These hand-crafted ice sculptures are chiseled down and replicate a hanging chandelier with battery operated lights to give the effect of candlelight. For Marc and his team, the sky’s the limit!

If you are looking to add an eye-catching element to your big day, Marc will walk you through some amazing ideas. Marc explains his process, “It is important for us to get to know you because we want to get creative and do things others have not seen. Tell us why and we will help find the best fit for your event.” There are some things to consider when you are wanting ice at your event. Will the event be outdoors, what does the weather look like at the venue during your wedding month and how long will this ice sculpture be on display? Even though that ice will melt, Marc’s team is great at knowing just the right time to showcase the sculpture and the best location in the venue.

The Ice Bulb


Sweet Decisions

And now for the best part, the sweets! Deciding on the sugar rush to offer your guests can be a lot of fun, especially if you plan to taste your way through the research. The baker you select can make or break this sweet grand finale. Not only is taste a big factor, but the look is something to consider since your guests will be drooling over this display until cake cutting. In 2004 Rachael Louw and husband Francois started Sweet Traders with the passion and vision of creating beautiful specialty cakes. They are a huge name in Orange County and beyond! With a small team of extremely talented and dedicated individuals Sweet Traders  strives to excel in service, quality, beauty, and taste. They are so creative and have taken any challenge we have given them to the next level!

I have worked with Sweet Traders for many years and I know I can rely on them to point me in the right direction. I asked Rachel some questions about trends, flavors and tips. Here are her insightful answers!

What are three of the most popular flavors of wedding cakes?

  • White chocolate cake with Vanilla Bavarian and Fresh Strawberries. 
  • Chocolate Cake with Oreo Cream.
  • Lemon Cake with Raspberry Cream.


What are three unexpected, yet trendy flavors for wedding cakes for 2021? 

  • Red Velvet cake with Oreo Cream. Which is a spin-off of the traditional Oreo cream cake.
  • White Chocolate Confetti Cake with Bailey’s Buttercream. Which is a grown-up twist to a childhood favorite.
  • Almond Cake with Almond Chocolate Ganache. For people “nuts” about chocolate, the fudgy filling is so decadent and tasty with the light almond cake!


What are three helpful tips when ordering your wedding cake?

  • Have your color scheme and design aesthetic ready, with some inspirational cake photos, so we can better Design a custom cake to fit your wedding day.  
  • Have a clear budget for your wedding cake with real expectations. It helps tremendously to do your research so you know how much cakes may cost. Buttercream is a more cost-effective option, but not all designs can be done in buttercream so fondant may be the best choice. But before we lose those fondant haters, we like people to know that your cake still gets iced in the same amount of buttercream before it gets covered in a thin layer of fondant. So, it’s still just as tasty! (and easy to peel off for those who aren’t a fan)
  • Keep in mind the distance your cake travels! We try not to drive longer than an hour with our cakes so we don’t compromise their integrity. We want your cake to show up to your event just as pretty as it left our bakery. And if your cake is traveling a further distance, especially during hotter seasons, we would highly recommend a fondant cake. Fondant will keep the cakes sealed and firm for the longer trip and hold up better in the heat. Though we would still recommend keeping the cake out of direct sunlight, of course. If you are set on buttercream during a summer month, we like to deliver the cake at a later time, possibly during the cocktail hour when the sun is setting, so the cake doesn’t have a meltdown.

Sweet Traders

Whatever you envision your dream wedding or event to be, you are in good hands with the Honey Bear Events team. We will pull from our trusted list of vendors, along with researching new ones, to create the perfect memorable experience for you and your guests. 

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