The Details

Often it just takes the right floral design to transform your special event venue into a visually stunning landscape! Our floral arrangements add a tasteful pop of beauty and color to complement any design style. We diligently pull inspiration from the venue’s design elements and fresh local blooms to create a beautiful display, fine-tuned to coincide with your vision.

The Honey Bear Method

A Sunny Introduction

Enjoy a complimentary one-hour consultation where we can get to know each other while discussing your floral design vision in more detail. Through this first meeting, we will develop an initial proposal for your wedding floral design. As we begin to work together on all of the details the designs may change and we will adjust as we go. That is the fun part!

What to Expect

Meetings are roughly an hour, whether in person, virtually, or over the phone. We enjoy meeting in person so we can show you the visual process. Please come prepared with a rough budget range in mind.

Book A Date

When you’re ready, let’s lock in a date! We are so excited to work with you and want to be sure we are available for your special day. Check your date by using the link below. The next step is to make it official and hold your date with a signed agreement!  We require a 25% deposit to book your date. 

Designing Your Day

Once an event booking has been confirmed, we can move forward with scheduling follow up meetings to ensure your look is perfect. If approved by the venue, we also offer mockups in advance so that you can see a sample of the floral design for your big day (additional cost applies).

Customer Testimonial

“Honey Bear Events does it all! Melissa brought our baby shower picnic dreams to life with her floral arrangements. When our friends moved out of the country she planned a memorable farewell fiesta that turned out spectacular! Melissa exceeded our expectations, is easy to work with and goes above and beyond to help her clients. Avoid the stress of planning and call Honey Bear for your next event!”

- Christina, Newport Beach

Ready To Get Started?


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