Full Service Wedding Planning

Full-Service Planning & Event Design

Our full-service wedding event planning and design begins with a tailored approach to understanding your wants and needs. From there we draw our creative finesse from the selected venue and current season to design your special day. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail. We will ensure even the tiniest details of your special event are designed and executed with the utmost care. Every element, from the lighting and table decor to providing around the clock guidance to you and the wedding party, is thoughtfully arranged and administered to deliver a breathtaking (and dare I say tear-worthy?) wedding experience.

Bride & Bridesmaid on Dock with Bouqet

Full-Service Planning and Event Design Service

What's Included?

Complimentary Consultation
Venue Recommendations
Support in finding the ideal wedding venue. Includes site walk through before securing.

Budget Planning and Management
A one-hour consultation covering every aspect of your wedding to determine your tastes, style, and priorities. We will create a custom budget worksheet for your wedding and continuously send you updates throughout the planning process.

Custom Design
We’ll walk you through each of the visual elements of your wedding day, from start to finish. This mood board and custom design packet will include written descriptions, images, sketches, and swatches, so you have a tangible representation of the overall design.

Vendor Recommendations
Access to our vendor list and specific suggestions given based on your style, priorities, and budget. All vendors are pre-qualified to ensure they are available on your wedding date.

Site Visits, Meetings and Communication
One meeting or walk through per month to discuss logistics and special planning. Meetings include vendors and venue management when needed. Unlimited phone calls and emails so you are always in the know.

Catering Coordination
Schedule and attend catering meetings and tastings to negotiate and ensure a smooth process.

Contract and Codes
Familiarization with the venue’s site requirements and gather all the necessary permits, codes of conduct, fire restrictions, as well as proof of insurance for all vendors per venue requirements.

Monthly Checklist
A detailed monthly list of to-dos for every aspect of your wedding. We will keep you on track with monthly reminders of the tasks to be completed so you have peace of mind during the planning process.

Custom Wedding Workbook
A custom workbook that includes your floor plans for the ceremony and reception (with assigned seating if preferred), a minute-by-minute timeline, event style summary, and a vendor contact sheet. Copies of this workbook will be distributed to family, vendors, and site managers.

Custom Signage
Escort cards, welcome signs, menus, etc. will be designed specifically with your event look and feel.

Vendor Logistics
Create and distribute directions, parking information, and pertinent details for the venue to all vendors.

Guestlist Template
Template to input your guest list and track RSVPs and meal selections

Wedding Rehearsal
Organize and lead the rehearsal

Execution of your Wedding Day

  • Our staff is there to serve you, your party, and your family throughout the day to ensure that everyone is comfortable, relaxed, and enjoying the day. We’ll also help your family and guests with any problems that may arise.
  • On-site the day-of to manage the timeline, vendors, wedding party, family, and friends.
  • Set up escort cards, menus, table numbers, favors, toasting glasses, cake topper, family photos, and any other details specific to your design.
  • Distribution of vendor gratuities.
  • Double check every element is set up according to specifications and venue rules.
  • Floral distribution including bouquets, corsages, and pinning of boutonnieres.
  • Provide specific table directions to guests as they enter the reception location.
  • Oversee processional and cue music. Supervise timing of all events according to the production schedule and make adjustments when necessary. Line up the bridal party
    and cue the DJ/band for a grand entrance.
  • Confirm gifts and personal items are handed over to a delegated person
  • Manage full décor and vendor set up and break down. First to arrive and last to leave the venue.
Bride - Full Service Wedding Planning

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